A. Salahuddin Khan Mehsud
B. Moazzam Jah Ansari
C. Nasir Khan Durrani
D. Sanaullah Abbasi

Updated by: Jamal javed

Moazzam Jah Ansari has been appointed new IG of KPK on June 9, 2021.

Updated on: 28-5-2022

Current Inspector Generals of Police
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  1. dear this is great effort from ur side I appreciate ur work but one thing remember dont share any wrong and incorrect false information without any reference coz it is question of our future generation and life.

    soo plz dear keep it up and if poosible make pdf version of mcqs like u make islamiyat mcqs available in pdf format which help to study in offline mode if somehave not internet.

    1. Dear Rafay Ali. Thanks for Appreciating my work. currently busy in some other projects. but soon i will add more sections and will try my best to provide all Mcqs in PDF upon completing that section. however few section are still incomplete. so i cant provide PDF version until its ready for preparation. yes from now on, every new Mcq will be properly checked and then added to Pakmcqs.com

      1. I also appreciate your work its really helpful and beneficial for students like me

    2. right rafay sir

      and islamiyat should change in urdu language . some have not english skills

  2. Its very nice platform… I am really happy to see this. Same opinion and suggestions as mentioned above in comments

  3. Dear Admin,

    Please update the name of IGP KPK with Mr. Muhammad Naeem Khan who is previously serving as IGP Azad Kashmir. Today Federal Govt. has changed it.

  4. Sir I want to join police kindly help me regarding the matter..
    I am very thankful to you for this Noble act.

  5. A\o\A.
    Sirrr i have 50 marks in police constable written test. And running test pass from the second positin.the complain is i have no receive any letter for interview test so plz this is not correct for our journey.. Plz do somthing i am poor i have no another opportunity… Thank you..

  6. Dear Admin in GN section i have seen a great change most of the detail given from eurpeon hiatory recently and i found it not that effective for test it is my opinion if i am wrong some one also guide me because i when start studying GN mcqs again after few weeks seen quite different and ineffective from previous one

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