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Pak Study Online Quiz Test - Pakstan Studies Quiz

Pak Study Online Quiz Test, Pakistan Studies Quiz contains all the important mcqs from Defence & Armed Forces, Gilgit Baltistan Mcqs, ICT FATA and AJK, Imp Days of PAKISTAN, KPK Mcqs, Mountains and Glaciers of Pakistan, Sindh Mcqs, Punjab Mcqs, Water Resources of Pakistan and all other important mcqs for NTS FPSC PMS TEST Preparation MCQs, Pak Study Mcqs. All pak Study General mcqs related to Pakistan. Here you can check your memory. if you have read our Pakstudy Mcqs Section. now you can take Pakstudy Mcqs Online Quiz. There will be 10 multiple choice question in the test. Answers of the questions will change randomly each time you start Online Quiz test. is the first website that provides Mcqs as well as Online Quiz through which Students and Job Seeker can prepare for their Job Test/ Educational Test. Taking online Quizzes has no charges fee. Attempt Quizzes of Pakmcqs for free. if you like our services do remember us in your Prayers and tell your friends about to help them too. We guarantee that after clearing all of our Online Quizzes tests, You will be able to pass your exam with extremely good grades/Marks.

Quiz Instructions:

  • There will be 10 multiple choice questions in each test.
  • Answer of the questions will change randomly each time you start the test.
  • Practice each quiz test at least 3 times if you want to secure High Marks.
  • At the End of the Test you can see your Test score and Rating.
  • All quizzes are linked with each other. in quiz result section, new quiz link is given
  • If any answer looks wrong to you in Quizzes. simply click on question and comment below that question. so that we can update the answer in the quiz section.


Pakistan Study QUIZ 1

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Question 1
Liaquat Ali Khan
Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar
Moulvi Tameez-ud-Din
Question 2
11 years
7 years
5 years
9 years
Question 3
Objective Resolution
Representative Act
Pakistan Act
Independence Act
Question 4
15th August 1949
9th June 1949
12th March 1949
14th February 1949
Question 5
October 1953
April 1953
September 1953
January 1953
Question 6
Law Minister
Parliament Minister
Foreign Minister
Prime Minister
Question 7
Third Report
Constitutional Formula
New Law of Pakistan
Pakistan Report
Question 8
14th August 1956
23rd March 1956
8th June 1956
25th December 1956
Question 9
Choudhry Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali Bogra
Khwaja Nazim Uddin
Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar
Question 10
Islamic Pakistan
United States of Pakistan
Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Republic of Pakistan
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64 Comments to “Pak Study Online Quiz Test”
  1. Good evening!

    I need guidelines about GHQ Rawalpindi assistance (bps-15) paper
    Which will held on 31 dec.

  2. Indian independence act was enforced
    A 14 August 1947
    B. 15August 1947

    Plz convey right answer and correction do

  3. There should be a system to solve any test quiz like if I want to do 50 nob quit there should be provided a simplesat way

  4. Mery options mark q nhi hoty or na he ya nechy result wala option opn hota ha
    Secondly recently app b install kia lakn fr b wo b nhi khul ra

  5. Please correct the correct the question # 9 in Quiz 39. Constitution is enforced. It is not enforced.

  6. First constitution was abrogated on 7th October 1958. please make correction and write full date.

  7. Pk study k menu mi 237 pages hin.
    Pk study quiz vali pages 110 tak hin .baqi 127 k bhi banain g.plz

  8. Correct the last mcq, it is not shahi mosque, rather it is shah jahan mosque in thata

  9. I want to go 52 page how i jump there please make a box to direct jump on any page plz

  10. Pak Mcqs app iphone ios ky app store my nhi hai kindly agar ya iphone app store my available hoje to kafi satio ka help hoje ga including me

    Thanks a lot

  11. Please provide mqcs of English, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies, General Knowledge, Everyday science and mother tongue (urdu) in pdf. I am doing preparation for Secondary school teacher test. This test will be conducted by sindh public service commission.

  12. The Pakistan Navy Staff College and War College is the same place and located in Lahore.

  13. krl stands for khan reserach laboratories but the answers is incorrect is here kindly solve it

  14. It would be much better if options are given to jump to any page and quiz number as well

  15. In its age of 21 years, the Constitution, that was adopted in April, 1973, has suffered 34 amendments; 10 times by the Acts of Parliament and 24 times through Presidential Orders. In seventies, within a span of 4 years since its inception, 7 amending Acts were passed by the Parliament.

  16. The distance between Pakistan and Afghanistan common border is 2640km or 2611km.
    Kindly provide correct information thanks.

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