How to Submit Mcqs:

Here is a Help for our new Members who face difficulty while submitting Mcqs to PakMcqs. We are really Thankful to All of our Members who are Contributing Latest and Important Mcqs to Us.

Here we go:

Simply click on Login-My Account Page

Step 2: login to your Account:



After Successfully Login to your Account: Click On Submit Mcqs Button


Now write mcq options and highlight the correct option to Bold.

simply click on B icon or shortcut key: (Cntl +B ):



here you can see when you click on Bold icon. the correct answer will be in Bold font:


Select the Category and Click on Submit: it will be added for review. if Our Team found it Correct and Unique (not added before) then it will be Approved.


We would like to thank you all for your support, contribution of time and energy, and your Submissions.