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Sons of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ:

1. Hazrat Al-Qasim. Hazrat Qasim’s mother was Hazrat Khatija, the first wife of the Holy Prophet.

2. Hazrat Abdullah (Tayyab, Tahir). He was also born from Hazrat Khatija.

3. Hazrat Ibrahim was the third son of Prophet Muhammad, who was born from Hazrat Maria.

Hazrat Maria was gifted by the Ruler of Sikandria to the Holy Prophet to whom the Holy Prophet got married.

All the three sons died in their childhood. Hazrat Qasim and Hazrat Abdullah are buried in Jannat ul Moalla, Mecca, whereas Hazrat Ibrahim rests in peace at Jannat ul Baki, Madina tul Munawarah.

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